What is Camden Logic?

This is the website that you can view to allow you to see Logic. It is nothing more. Nothing less.


So if I have a question for Camden Logic I ask it here?

You may. If you’re talking to a Camden Logic through any other channel aside from here – you’re really not. Please keep in mind, that we sometimes (depending on how nice it is outside) receive many inquiries a day. While we will try to answer your enquiry as quickly as possible, please be patient. Logically Camden Logic is only Camden Logic. We have not figured out cloning, or on the very opposite side of the spectrum, customer service very well.


Where can I buy new Camden Logic artwork?

Camden Logic is not represented by any other gallery or institution. Camden Logic will sell works through this website or via select digital art websites.


I am a journalist / media person / type – who do I contact?

For all statements, eyebrow raises, and complete denials of reality please contact camdenlogic at google mail dot com.


I believe I have worked out who or what Camden Logic really, truly is. 

Fantastic. Camden Logic would appreciate any suggestions as this is a question Camden Logic is trying to figure out as well. If you do decide to share your insights, please write “My Logic Is Undeniable” in your email heading.